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The Aborigines in Australia use a symbolic script. In a artistic way they denote special occasions.

Painting an art? In fact it is just another way of writing a story. Anyone can do it and everyone is an artist. Re-discover a way of writing, that goes back to the first humans.

Create a beautiful and symbolic memento of a succesful day. In small teams you will transform 2 meter long grass matts into AboArt ActionPaintings in an extraordinary way.

Express as a team your own story. Use the original symbols of the Aborigines and create your own symbolism. Get going as a team. Within one hour several different works of art are created, associating and elaborating on each others ideas.

As one attendee enthusiastically stated: this isn't painting, this is great fun!


Duration: 1 hour.

Location: any suitable location.

Prices: click here for program examples and prices

P.S. This beautiful wall decoration can also be turned into a screen saver, mouse mat, placemat or T-shirt.

P.P.S. Do you prefer individual painting? Also possible on beautiful wooden goannas or boomerangs. Each person then will have his/her own artefact.

NB. No need for special clothing










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AboArt ActionPainting