Aussie Games

Face your challenge in the Aussie Games. Competition, teamwork, action, creative thinking, strategy, braintwisters and most of all lots of fun. Choose from 5 exclusive and exciting games and ‘get the feel Down Under!’

the Aussie Bush Hunt Be on your guard during this adventurous Aussie Bush game.

the Boomerang Games You throw … it spins ... and spins ... you run … you dive … gotcha! A twirling clinic boomerang throwing.
the Outback Challenge Your plane has crashed. Only as a team you will overcome the outback.
the Ozzie Settlers Experience the adventure of the first settlers down under. Are you brave enough to take the step?
the Urban WalkAbout Urban quest for the 5 perceptions of the 5 senses.

N.B. Accessible for everyone. You can be as active as you want. Rainy, cold? We either go indoor, or offer an alternative program. No worries.

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Aussie Games
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