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Go Down Under

Join us Down Under, get a taste of the Australische outback and be captivated by the intriguing Aboriginal culture. Compose your own Aussie Experience with unique team building activities. What does your day Down Under look like?

Hunt in the woods with loaded camera’s for kangaroos, koalas and … each other. Make a new living in the inhospitable OZ, a true challenge. Search in the city for the 5 perceptions of the 5 senses. Compete in teams and survive the Outback. Learn to play the musical language on the didgeridoo. Write an artistic story with the symbolic signs of the Aborigines. Throw and catch that boomerang. Finish the day with a laid-back Aussie Barbie. Perhaps one of the animals that you "shot" in the forest today is on the menu… 

A unique pacesetter, also for mixed groups. Varying from a funny intermezzo to a unique and surprising day. Meeting each other in a relaxed and natural laid-back Australian atmosphere. This is Down Under, mate!

TeamEvent, more than fun. Working together comes natural for the Aborigines. That is why teamwork is at the heart of this dynamic event and main ingredients are communication, creativity and, most of all, lots of fun.

Raise the anticipatory fun and the turnout with teasers you can distribute to make the attendees curious. Afterwards the photo-CD will make the corridors buzz with after-fun.

Tell us your wishes for the day, and we will gladly work out a proposal for you without any obligation. Foretaste? We will gladly send you some program examples.

Number of attendees: from 5 to 100 persons
Duration: from 30 minutes to full-day, or several days
Twelve beautiful locations in the Randstad
Meeting breaks at any location, from 30 minutes
Nature of the TeamEvents? Active, not sportive. The activities contain so many different elements that they will appeal to all types of person. Anyone can join in and have fun with the Down Under challenges and adventures.
Winter or summer, rain or sun? No worries mate, we will arrange a perfect bad weather scenario and the main line of the program guaranteed!
WKR? No worries mate! Because our events are based on working together, communication and other professional skills, and therefore exchange of knowledge is inherent, the WKR (transl. Expense Allowance Scheme) does not apply.

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Video AbOriginal TeamEvents