Aussie Barbie / Buffet

Aussie BBQ  
Aussie Buffet

Enjoy a laid-back australian Barbie or buffet. Throw another shrimp on the barbie, mate. Always wanted to taste crocodile and kangaroo?

Relax in the sun, catch up with your collegues, drink in your hand, the smell of roasted meat life is good. Pour yourself another drink and sink your teeth into a crocodile. This is Down Under, mate!

Typical for an Aussie Barbie is laid-back enjoying each others company, a plate with beefroast in the one hand, a filled glass in the other.
On the Barbie only high-quality meat and fresh fish. Fresh salades and crispy warm bread and butter on the side.
Depending on the season and the location the menu will show: fish, shrimp skewers, chicken skewers, peppersteak, homemade beefburgers, lambchops, crocodile and  most certainly kangaroo.

Rainy, cold? When the weather is bad, we will arrange the BBQ to be covered or replaced by a BBQ-buffet (depending on the weather) and you will be able to eat indoor.

In winter we will arrange a cosy Aussie Buffet, also with dishes from the australian cuisine.

N.B. Aussie BBQ / Buffet can only be booked following one of our Down Under Activities and only at one of our preferred locations in the Randstad.

P.S. Also suitable for vegetarians, diets and allergies.

Looking for a musical setting? Enjoy the formation Didge n Blues. As the first hunger is appeased, enjoy the bluessound of the slideguitar and the intruiging sound of the didgeridoo.

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Aussie Barbie / Buffet
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