Boomerang Games


You throw … it twirls ... and twirls ... you run … you dive … gotcha! A little less active is also possible. Just throw and catch. Whatever, a boomerang is always fun. You keep on trying. And get the hang of it more and more. Again. And again.

For this twirling clinic boomerang throwing we use special boomerangs made of friendly materials that can be thrown without the risc of injury or damage. After a short explanation on history and use you will learn how to handle a boomerang, the throwing and catching.

This ancient hunting technique includes exercising with boomerangs in different shapes, weights, turning circles and speed. And for the persons that get the hang of it there are some exotic modells to try.    

During an exciting kangaroo hunt the teams will finish with a competition. The winners get an indoor boomerang … the losers also.   


Duration: 1 hour, can be shortened for a meeting break. 

Location: any suitable location, indoor and outdoor. 

Number of attendees: maximum 40 persons, depending on the size of the playing field. A parallel program is possible.

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Boomerang Games