Do the Didgeridoo


Discover the mystical and pulsating sound of the Didgeridoo, the traditional 1 meter long wind-instrument of the Aborigines in Australia.

Aborigines use their music to tell stories about what lives and what happens in the country. Understand what they tell and learn how to play yourself. A hands-on demo with lots of laughter and awe. This makes the workshop ideal for teambuilding, laugh-session or meeting break.

Practice in a free and spontaneous way the art of letting go. When you understand the art of letting things happen then you will discover the pulsating and mystical basic sound called the basic drone.

Go crazy playing animal sounds, contemporary sounds and rythms. Anyone can do it, there are no mistakes. Opening up is the key.

We will finish with a musical Bush Story. Now you will understand what the story is about and what the didgeridoo tells you.


Duration: 1 hour, can be shortened for a meeting break.

Location: any suitable location.

Prices: click here for program examples and prices

NB. For reasons of hygiene you will be playing on colorfull PVC didgeridoos. They sound great!










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Doe de Didgeridoo