Outback Challenge


Crashed! A sightseeing flight over the Australian outback went terribly wrong. Fortunately everyone survived the crash, except for the radio. So without outside help we completely have to rely on each other.

To escape the outback you are faced with tough Down Under challenges. On your own you stand no chance … is your team inventive enough to overcome all obstacles?

Which team will cross the croc invested river fastest, will have an emergency sign ready, fetch water, hunt with boomerangs, cross the swamp, catch most fish with their self-made fishing-rod contraption and made fire? Keep moral up with a quaint nail balancing game and a competition horse shoe throwing. At night time you come across the mines of Coober Pedy. The end of the ordeal is in sight. Now all you have to do is avoiding the mineshafts.

A challenging game with a high fun-factor, a combination of competition, ingenuity and teamwork.

Only as a team you can escape the outback! The prize-giving ceremony a surprising outcome ... Aboriginal Style.


Accessible for everyone. Active, not sporty.
Outback Challenge is preferably outdoor, but can be done indoor for the most part, depending on the weather.

Duration: 1 - 3 hour. You can book the Outback Challenge as a whole (3 hour) or in separate Down Under Activities (1 - 2 uur).

Location: any suitable location, can be done both indoor and outdoor.

Number of attendees: 6 - 63 persons.

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Outback Escape