4-72 pers.   3 hour  29,75 as main activity  20,75 as additional activity

Toss & Throw

Two throwing games from ancient times: CornHole and Boomerang Games. Both HOT at the moment. Experience a colonial throwing game from the outback and the centuries old hunting technique of the Aborigines, both a worldwide craze at the moment. Two Exciting games for all ages, because you can play both calmly and actively. A tactical and highly addictive team game.

Boomerang Games
You throw … it twirls ... and twirls ... you run … you dive … gotcha! A little less active is also possible. Just throw and catch. Whatever, a boomerang is always fun. You keep on trying. And get the hang of it more and more. Again. And again.

You throw, it slides … it just doesn't slip into the hole. Do you aim for the hole or for a blockade? Now it is your opponent's turn. Is your cornbag pushed off the board or does your cornbag get that last push in the hole? Sink them all!

A colonial tossing game from the Outback, very hot right now. Actually very simple: a few bags of corn that you throw on a board with a hole. But in reality it is less simple that it seems, quite technical and tactical. A global craze that now also conquers the Netherlands. The official rules are followed, the tournament is of course AbOriginal Style!

Do you also want to LASSO or throw a HORSESHOE or toss a TOILET SEAT? Then we shorten the 2 throwing games or exchange one for the other or add an extra hour. You can organize it as you want. Everything is possible!

As a meeting break or company outing, but also very nice for a bachelor party or family outing. Have a drink and a throw ... fun guaranteed!

The winners get an indoor boomerang ... the losers too.


  • Location: any suitable venue in NL.
  • For Indoor Boomerang Games we use special boomerangs with a small turning radius.


  • Parallelprogram is possible.
  • Meeting facilities
  • Lunch, drinks and/or diner/buffet
  • Aussie BBQ, sink your teeth in a crocodile.
  • Special wishes? Just let us know!


  • Enthusiastic game attendants
  • English game support possible
  • 2 hour travel time and costs attendants
  • Use of all materials
  • Email-teasers to enhance fun and turnout
  • Accident insurance
  • CO2-compensation
  • Photos for lots of fun afterwards

Not included

  • VAT
  • location rent
  • catering.
This way you can decide yourself on location and costs of venue and catering.