6-63 persons   3 hour    40,00 as main activity at 12 participants    24,00 as additional activity at 12 participants

Urban Walkabout

5 senses, 5 elements, 5 questions, 5 photo compositions, 5 attributes … will you get all 5?

A quest in the city with the assignment ‘5 perceptions of the 5 senses’. To succeed you most certainly need the assistance of people passing-by and shopkeepers. See things in a different perspective … a perfect acquaintance with the city's atmosphere and your collegues.

Do you dare to scrounge something?
Can you persuade someone to lend you an item spontaneously?
Can you make people passing-by act as an extra?
Do you have the guts to act out something crazy in the middle of the street?
Are you the master-brain behind next photo composition?

In small teams we go into town. Each team has a camera and some pocket money to buy attributes and have a drink. Make 5 photo compositions, for each photo bring one item, consult rank and file or the internet for the special questions about Ozz, find extras …

A challenge that will test qualities like cooperation, guts, negotiation skills, creativity an associative thinking. A unique city game that will make the young and the old get the spirit. Will your team get all 5?

Lots of fun at the presentation of the photos and the items with a surprising twist Aboriginal Style at the prize-giving ceremony.


  • Location: any "larger" city.


  • Meeting facilities
  • Lunch, drinks and/or diner/buffet
  • Special wishes? Just let us know!


  • Enthusiastic game attendants
  • English game support possible
  • 2 hour travel time and costs attendants
  • Use of all materials
  • Email-teasers to enhance fun and turnout
  • Accident insurance
  • CO2-compensation
  • Award ceremony with unique Ozzie presents
  • Photos for lots of fun afterwards

Not included

  • VAT
  • location rent
  • pocket money for small purchases and a cosy drink on the go
  • catering.
This way you can decide yourself on location and costs of venue and catering.